Conditions of participation

In Velo Veritas is a cycling event on classic road bikes. Allowed are road bikes built before 1987/88 without click pedals. The shift levers must be on the down tube. Frames after 1987/88 are also accepted if the bikes are equipped according to the regulations.

The bikes will be checked for compliance before the start number is issued. Clothing suitable for the time is highly estimated. Every cyclist from the age of 18 is entitled to start, from the age of 12 accompanied by a parent and with the consent of the parents at the registration.

By paying the entry fee (or taking over the start number) the participant accepts the following conditions:

  1. He/she agrees that his/her personal and address data may be stored and processed electronically for the purpose of organising the event. The participant’s address data will NOT be passed on to third parties.
  2. The organiser – or partners commissioned by the organiser – may take photographs, video and TV recordings of the participants and use them without restriction and for an unlimited period of time.
  3. Participation at In Velo Veritas is at your own risk.
  4. The organiser is not liable for any events or accidents or other damages (including to or by third parties), neither before, during or after the event. It is the participant’s own responsibility to take care of liability insurance with an insurance company authorised in Austria.Please note!
  5. The event takes place on public roads. The routes are NOT closed to traffic. The road traffic regulations must be strictly adhered to. The event will take place in public traffic. Riding on the left side of the road, cutting corners and riding on the left side of the roundabout is prohibited without exception! This will be supervised by organs of the road supervision and organs of the organiser.
  6. The orders of the executive authorities and the organs of the organiser are to be followed without fail! In the event of violations of the STVO, the organiser may forward personal data of the person concerned to the authorities!
  7. In case of bad weather or other unforeseen events, the organiser is entitled to shorten the course and change starting times.
  8. The organiser has the right to exclude participants who behave incorrectly in any way or act contrary to the spirit of the event.
  9. Each participant is fully responsible for his/her state of health. A medical examination is recommended.
  10. Each participant must carry one or more inner tubes or tyres or suitable picking and repair tools with him/her.
  11. The finisher package will only be awarded to those participants without exception who have completed the entire course correctly and passed all the designated checkpoints (including any surprise checkpoints) and documented them with a stamp.
  12. Eligible bikes: Steel frames as well as aluminium and carbon frames of the first hour (such as Alan, Vitus, Litespeed, …), gear levers on the frame, brake cables running freely on the handlebars, pedals without or with clips/belt, so-called “baskets” (no modern click pedals), wheels without high profiles (primarily with 28, 32 and 36 spokes),
  13. Do-it-yourself bikes in vintage/retro look that meet the above criteria: Participants with non-matching bikes will be denied the start, the start number will not be handed out to them.

In case of cancellation of the event due to official orders or force majeure, an alternative date will be offered, there is no claim for refund of already paid entry fees, these are automatically valid for the alternative event. In this case the starting place can be transferred to other starters free of charge.


Entry fee & services

The number of starting places is limited for organisational reasons. The online registration starts on 11th of November 11:00 am ends on 3 rd June at 12:00 noon. Late entries will be possible again in Wolkersdorf for a late entry fee of 11 Euros!
Online registration deadline: 3 June 2023, 12:00

Enjoyable 70 km

Start time: 8:30 to 10:00

€ 39,00 until 31. 01. 2023
€ 49,00 until 3. 06. 2023
€ 60,00 including late entry fee (only possible on site)

Challenging 140 km

Start time: 7:00 to 8:00

€ 49.00 until 31. 01. 2023
€ 59,00 until 3. 06. 2023
€ 70,00 including late entry fee (only possible on site)

Epic 210 km

Start time: 6:00 to 6:30

€ 59.00 until 31. 01. 2023
€ 69,00 until 3. 06. 2023
€ 80,00 including late entry fee (only possible on site)

If you choose the cancellation insurance, the price increases by 10 Euros.


20.- Euro reduction on the entry fee for participants under 18 years of age (prerequisite: presentation of your ID at the start number distribution)
5.- Euro reduction on the entry fee for Raiffeisen customers (condition: presentation of your customer card at the start number distribution)



The online registration is available until 3 June 2023, 12 noon.  But if you oversleep it, you can, as known, nominate on site. Some always use this.


Cancellation & transfer, cancellation insurance. Upgrading & Downgrading

We recommend all new registrations a cancellation insurance in case of illness or injury.

The registration can be transferred to another name at any time. We are very uncomplicated.
Subsequent registration in Wolkersdorf on site is possible.  The chosen distance can still be changed if you prefer to ride longer or less.  Downgrades are free of charge, upgrades are charged at € 10 or € 20.



The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programme. All official changes and announcements will be communicated on our homepage Possible changes can also only be announced when the start numbers are handed out. The last change is valid and binding.


You are still looking for a racing bike?

For all those who are interested in taking part but do not (yet) own a suitable bike:

List-n-Ride – the bike-sharing portal is a community marketplace that connects people with a passion for cycling and helps them to share beautiful bikes. Users can offer and rent bicycles through this market place. Thanks to our partnership with List-n-Ride, all those who do not (yet) own a classic racing bike can now finally participate in In Velo Veritas. Click here to get to the bikes from

On our links page you will also find bike shops that can help you with a planned purchase and perhaps necessary service of classic racing bikes.

The best way is of course your own bike, go and search, there is still time.