12 / 13 June 2021
Laa an der Thaya, Laaer Burg, Burgplatz 22
By far the most beautiful retro bike tour!

In 2021 another small town of the Weinviertel is waiting to be discovered by us: Laa an der Thaya. The town at the very top of the northern Weinviertel will be the host for In Velo Veritas, Edizione 9, for the first time in 2021. Start and finish in a freshly renovated medieval castle with a butter churn tower, that’s something, isn’t it? And then the wide meadow in front of the castle. Really remarkable.

Aha, the Thaya (Czech: Dyje), for long stretches the border river between Austria and the Czech Republic, deviates from the course of the border just here and meanders a few kilometres north through Moravia. In addition, the Thayatal Cycle Route and the Iron Curtain Trail/Eurovelo 13 from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. Both cycle routes will possibly show us the way in 2021. What else?

Aha, beer in the Weinviertel? Let us surprise you. The Hubertus Bräu in Laa has won many awards.

The fine follow-up report (Hollabrunn 2020) by Lisi Hager (only in German – but check out the photographs!) is already on the net.

You can find the original tracks of all previous editions in our track collection on bikemap, of course also this year’s tracks, which we had to change slightly on Saturday due to the heavy rainfall.

The fantastic pictures of Bengt Stiller, Wolfgang Gerlich & Michael Kofler can be found in our FlickR albums.

And Chris Cummins from FM4 was there once again and posted a very encouraging video about IVV 2020.


Hollabrunn – it was beautiful!

Laa – we are looking forward to you!

Horst, Martin & Michl