2019 – Premiere in Poysdorf!

After six years goes to the damn. A good omen, we think, and after the summer break we set ourselves in motion with cheerful spirits. We want to find for you again the most attractive, original and clever ways in the area. (We deliberately ignore the quiet curses on the gravel passages) Meanwhile something like an expectation has occurred: “Where are they kidnapping us again this year”. Yes, we will explore new territory around Poysdorf again, although we have been cycling back and forth in the Weinviertel for all these years. This distinguishes us significantly from other rides on classic racing bikes. The same circuit is usually used there. Surprises are therefore limited. We love surprises.

By the way, borders. One thing’s for sure. We want to cross it again. It is inconceivable that fences will be erected a few kilometres to the east and passports checked. In Velo Veritas is European. Cycling is European, global and freedom in general. So, dear Europeans, dear citizens of the world, let 2019 take you back to one of the quietest and friendliest regions of Europe. In some places time seems to stand still. But here, too, people are wondering how new life can come into being. In Velo Veritas, at least once a year, we want to spray fresh air and provide impulses to focus even more on the bicycle and the racing bike as a means of transport. Not only in the Weinviertel and not only on holiday.
We are looking forward to the next months, weeks, days until we hear again: In Velo Veritas

PS: If you still want to have a look at 2018, you can find here the reports of the bikelobby and bikeboard.at. You can find the original tracks in our track collection on bikemap. There I can also follow all other routes between 2013 and 2016. The pictures of Barbara Filips, Peter Provaznik and Wolfgang Gerlich are available on our FlickR albums. On FlickR you can also browse the albums of the past years.

Horst, Martin and Michl