17 / 18 June 2023

The 11th edition of In Velo Veritas will take you into the central part of the Weinviertel. Starting the 1st time from Mistelbach you are bout to explore the region on three new selective routes (70, 140 and 210 km) over side roads, typical Kellergassen (cellar alleys) and gravel roads. The beautiful routes through the Weinviertel paired with authentic regional specialties is what makes In Velo Veritas a must visit for every retro bike rider. Welcome!

A familiar place, familiar surroundings, familiar faces. We start the new season in good spirits. It’s the 11th.
The routes we explore for you in the cold season will certainly be new again. We are always good for surprises – also in our anniversary year. We promise!

All pictures of all previous In Velo Veritas rides including 2022 can be found in our FlickR albums. The tracks of all previous editions can be found in our track collection on bikemap.
Last but not least: you can find Lisi Hager’s fine report about Wolkersdorf 2022 here on the web. Pls. have a look. At least at the pics.

We are looking forward to Edition 11 and to welcome many of you!

Horst, Martin & Michl