Distribution of Race Numbers

Saturday, 11th of June 2022

09:00 am – 06:30 pm Wolkersdorf (Castle)

Technical approval of bikes, only after technical approval

Distribution of race numbers, route maps, and control cards

Possibility of late registration. The distribution of race numbers on Saturday is obligatory for participants of the epic 210 km!


Sunday, 12th of June 2022

06:00 am – 09.30 am Wolkersdorf (Castle)

Technical approval of bikes, only after technical approval

Distribution of race numbers, route maps, and control cards

Possibility of late registration for 70 and 140 km



The (by now) traditional get-together takes place on Saturday at 07:00 pm, this year directly on the start site. No advance notice is necessary. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

During our last meetings, more than 200 participants collectively agreed to take the tour on Sunday. We’ll prepare another interesting, bicycle-focussed evening programme which will include local music!


Tour and Service

The event takes place in areas with public traffic. The streets will NOT be blocked. Participation takes place at your own peril and every participant is on the road at their own risk. The traffic regulations are to be observed.

The organiser does not assume liability for accidents, or for any other potential damage (neither when caused by third parties), neither before, during, nor after the event.

Accompanying vehicles (car, motorbike, e-bike) are not permitted!

When possible, breakdowns during the trip should be fixed by the participant. A professional service team for bicycles will be available at the refreshment stations. In case of defects which cannot be repaired on the road, and which make the continuation of the journey impossible, a service car (broom wagon) is available to transport cyclists to the nearest service point or to the nearest public transportation facility, should the need arise.

In case of breakdowns, the broom wagon assures that nobody is left behind during the trip.


Starting times

Sunday, 12th of June 2022 Wolkersdorf (Castle)

Epic 210 km

Starting time: 06:00 am

Ambitious 140 km

Starting time: 08:00 am

Enjoyable 70 km

Starting time: 10:00 am


Refreshment Stations

‘Delightful relaxation’ is the motto of Weinviertel, and this is also true for our refreshments. At every catering station regional dishes and drinks are offered by local gastronomers. In addition, you’ll be able to refill your drinking bottles.

The refreshment stations of In Velo Veritas serve as meeting points for all participants and are a quintessential feature of the tour.


Check points

Together with the race number, a control card is issued. At every refreshment station the participants receive a control stamp. It’s also not unusual to stumble upon a surprise stamp or two during the tour. You’ll receive a small Finisher gift and a certificate on presentation of a control card which contains all appropriate stamps.


Finishing line

Depending on the chosen route, the participants will arrive at the finishing line in Poysdorf between 01:00 pm and 07:00 pm.