Terms of Participation

In Velo Veritas is a guided bicycle tour without a fixed schedule on classic road bikes. Only bikes which were produced until the manufacturing year of 1987/88, without clip-in pedals or brake/clutch levers on the handlebar, are permitted. The paddle shifters need to be on the downtube of the bike. Frames made after 1987/88 are accepted if the structure of the bicycles correlate with the regulations and the particular design of that particular era. Compliance with these regulations is checked when the race numbers are distributed. Vintage outfits reflecting the period are appreciated! Every cyclist from the age of 18 is qualified to join, from the age of 12 with company and with parental consent when race numbers are distributed.
With the payment of the entry fee (respectively, the acceptance of the race number), the participant agrees to the following terms:

  1. He/She agrees, that his/her personal and contact data are electronically stored and processed. Name, date of birth, place of residence, nationality and bicycle type are published in the online list of participants. The contact data of the participant will NOT be passed on to third parties.
  1. The organiser or their representatives are permitted to photograph and make video or TV-recordings of the participants and can use these free of any restrictions or time limits.
  1. Participation with In Velo Veritas is at your own responsibility.
  1. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any incidents, accidents or other potential damage (neither when caused by third parties), neither before, during, nor after the event. Please note that it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure personal liability insurance at an insurance institution which is authorised in Austria! Please note!!!!
  1. The streets are NOT blocked. Traffic regulations are to be observed with close attention. The event will take place in areas with public traffic. Riding on the left side of the street, cutting corners, and riding anticlockwise on the roundabout is prohibited without exception! Abidance is monitored by supervisory representatives of public traffic and the event organisers.
  1. Directions of the executives and the organisers are to be obeyed without question! In case of violations of the road traffic regulations, the organiser is obliged to forward personal information of the participant concerned to the public authorities!
  1. In case of bad weather conditions or other unpredictable events, the organiser is entitled by law to shorten the tour and change the starting times.
  1. The organiser has the right to remove participants from the event should they behave inappropriately or influence the spirit of the event in an adverse manner.
  1. Every participant has full responsibility for his/her state of health. A physical examination is recommended.
  1. Every participant is obliged to bring one or more spare bicycle tubes or a suitable repair kit or repair tools.
  1. Only those participants who correctly complete the entire tour, passing all planned check points (including possible surprise check points) and having documented those in way of stamps, will receive the much sought after Finisher Pack.
  1. Eligible bikes: Here you can find more information on the required features of a vintage bike


Entry Fee & Activities

The number of places is limited for organisational reasons. The deadline for online applications is 30/05/2018, 12:00 am. We’ll provide another possibility for analogue registration at the Argus Bike Festival (www.bikefestival.at) at the Vienna town hall square (Wiener Rathausplatz) on the 14th and 15th of April. Late applications are also possible in Retz, with an additional fee of €10!

Enjoyable 70 km

Starting time: 10:00 am
€39 until 31/01/2019
€49 until 31/05/2019
Online Deadline: 31/05/2019, 12:00 am
€59 Late registration fee (only possible in Poysdorf)

1 Refreshment station

Ambitious 140 km

Starting time: 08:00 am

€49 until 31/01/2018
€59 until 31/05/2018
Online Deadline: 30/05/2018, 12:00 am
€69 Late registration fee (only possible in Poysdorf)

2-3 Refreshment stations

Epic 210 km

Starting time: 06:00 am

€59 until 31/01/2019
€69 until 31/05/2019
Online Deadline: 31/05/2019, 12:00 am
€79 Late registration fee (only possible in Poysdorf)

4-5 Refreshment stations


Reduced rates

50% Reduction on the entry fee for participants younger than 18.

€3 Reduction on the entry fee for customers of the Raiffeisen bank





Cancellations and Referrals

Entry fee refunds or transferrals to the next year are not possible. The registration can be transferred to another name at any time without incurring any additional costs.

We recommand a cancellation insurance in case of illness.



The organiser has the right to modify the programme. All official changes and other notifications will be posted on our website: www.inveloveritas.at It’s possible that potential changes are not disclosed until the race numbers are distributed. The last respective change is valid and binding.


Still looking for a classic roadbike?

For all who are keen to join but don’t (yet) own a suitable bike:

Listnride, a bike sharing site which serves as a communal marketplace and brings together people who are passionate about cycling! Listnride supports the communal use of beautiful bicycles. Users can offer and rent bicycles on the Listnride marketplace. Because of our partnership with Listnride, anybody who doesn’t (yet) own a classic race bike can now also join the In Velo Veritas tours! Click on the link to see the bicycles: www.listnride.com

In addition, on our Linksite you’ll find businesses and institutions which can assist you in your search for bicycles.