Die klassische Radrundfahrt im Weinviertel

Enjoy the Weinviertel

„Delightful serenity“ is the claim of the Weinviertel.The gentle rolling hills with their local diversity and their people who transport this special way of living. A region that commits itself to deceleration. A region being the antithesis to the fast-moving modern world. It's all about the meditative act of cycling and the intensive experience of the surroundings that accompanies it. It's up to you to explore the genuine truths of this region and hopefully the experiences will have a long-term effect.


In Velo Veritas connects old bicycles and young wines. Cyclists from near and far will explore the Weinviertler characteristics. This region backs cycling for some time now. Numerous cycling routes are leading through the Weinviertler Wellental. In Velo Veritas will explore the most scenic places the region has to offer. Cycling through the old Kellergassen we will breathe new life into this culturalhistorical gems.

Getting there

Retz is located 80 kilometers west of Vienna and perfectly connected to the public transportation network. We would really appreciate it if you choose public transport!


By train:

Train information by the ÖBB, the Austrian Railway Network.

Trains from Vienna Central Station to Retz are running every hour (travel time ca. 75 min).


By bicycle:

Approx. 90 km (Vienna Praterstern – Retz)


By car:

For those of you who can't do without - please carpool!


Most of the accommodations inquiries from the two bed apartment to the cheaper BßB are being handled via the Weinviertel tourism website. You'll find plenty of options. In addition you can also send an email to incoming@weinviertel.at for individual offers and booking or use the list of accomodation of the city of Retz. Book special offers like the gym or camping sites by sending an email to office@inveloveritas.at.


We will start again on a Saturday, June 10, 2017 with the registration on the Hauptplatz (Main Square) in Retz. A detailed program for In Velo Veritas 2017 will be released in time of the event.