Die klassische Radrundfahrt im Weinviertel

Terms of Participation

In Velo Veritas is a vintage racing-bicycle tour without time keeping. Only racing bikes manufactured before 1987/88 with strap pedals and without paddle shifters on handlebars are allowed to participate. Frames built after 1987/88 are permitted if the bike’s wheels and equipment meet all other requirements. All bicycles will be checked for conformance with regulations when start numbers are handed out. Suitable biking outfits are recommended. Any cyclist 18 or over can participate. Cyclists aged 12 to 18 may only participate if accompanied by their parents, who must also grant their consent for participation when start numbers are handed out.


By paying the participation fee (or accepting a start number), participants accept the following conditions:


1. Participants consent to their personal and address information being stored and processed in a computer system, and their name, year of birth, place of residence, nationality and bicycle model being published in the online list of participants.



2. The event organiser, or a partner acting on their behalf, may take pictures and record videos / broadcast such videos on television, and also use such media material without any restrictions for an unlimited time.



3. Each participant must provide their own reserve tube or suitable repair kit.



4. The coveted Finisher’s Bag will only be given to participants who complete the entire route in the proper manner, pass through all checkpoints (including any “surprise checkpoints”), and collect the stamps needed to prove this.


Participants’ address data will NOT be disclosed to third parties.

In the event of inclement weather or other unforeseeable occurrences, the event organiser reserves the right to shorten the route or alter the tour’s time limit.

The event organiser reserves the right to exclude any participant who behaves incorrectly or acts in a manner counter to the spirit of the event.

Each participant bears full responsibility for their health / health condition etc. It is recommended that participant’s undergo a physical examination prior to the event.


Please note

The event will take place on public roads that are NOT blocked off, which means participants take part at their own risk. Normal traffic rules apply. The event organiser assumes no liability for accidents or other damage (including that caused by or inflicted upon third parties) either before, during or after the event. Accompanying vehicles (cars, motorcycles, e-bikes) are not permitted. Participants should do everything possible to fix breakdowns / make repairs themselves. A professional bike service is available at the refreshment stations. In the event of defects that cannot be repaired along the route, and which therefore make it impossible to continue the tour, a service vehicle (broom wagon) will be available to transport participants and their bikes to the nearest service point or public transport stop/station. A sag wagon will ensure that no one whose bike breaks down is left behind.



The event organiser reserves the right to make changes to the event programme. All official changes and notifications will be posted on our website at www.inveloveritas.at. Other changes that occur close to the beginning of the race will be announced when start numbers are handed out. Such changes are valid and binding.


Need a racing bike?

For all those who are interested in participating  but do not (yet) have a suitable bike:

The List-n-Ride bike-sharing portal is an online community and marketplace that brings together people with a passion for cycling and helps them gain access to good and reliable bikes. Portal users can offer bikes for rent or rent bikes themselves. Our partnership with  List-n-Ride enables anyone who does not (yet) have a vintage bike to get their chance to be a part of In Velo Veritas. The rental bikes will be made available directly at the starting line. You’ll find information on bikes from www.listnride.com here.

You can also visit our links page to learn more about companies and institutions that can help you find a suitable bike.